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** Last Updated :: 24th September, 2017 **

Important notice for students appearing for KPSC mains 2017:


KAS Mains Classroom Coaching 

Do you think you need best KAS Classroom Coaching ? Read this post: KAS Mains Weekend Coaching (2017)


KPSC - KAS Mains GS Study Material

Printed copies of Guided KPSC - KAS Mains Study Material is available. You can contact us on 9886333915 to buy your copy.

Section wise Study Material will be provided for all students.

What You Get :

1> General Studies 1 - Section 1,2 and 3

2> General Studies 2 - Section 1 and 3

3> General Studies 3 - Section 1, 2 and 3

What is not included in the material:

Study Material will cover almost all topics, except :

  1. Polity material ( We can't provide better material than Lakshmikanth Sir's "Indian Polity". )
  2. GS - IV ( Ethics material )- Arihant or Lexicon Publications books for the same are good choice. We personally prefer Arihant, but before you make a choice, please go through the books.
  3. GS - I, Section III - Statistics part. There are tons of material available. R. S. Aggarwal alone will suffice.

Note :

There are a few vague topics, for which we haven't provided material for. These topics will be discussed in our closed group forum.

Sample Material :

  1. GS 1 - Section I (Unit-1) (7818 downloads)
  2. GS 1 - Section 2 (2861 downloads)
  3. GS 1 - Section 3 Indian-Economy-–-Planning-Rural-Development (3599 downloads)
  4. GS 2 - Section 3 -Public-Administration-and-Management (1888 downloads)
  5. GS 3 - Section 1 - Role-and-Impact-of-Science-and-Technology (1808 downloads)
  6. GS 3 - Section 2 - Advancement-and-Modern-Trends-in-Natural-Sciences-Life-Sciences-Agricultural-Science-Health-and-Hygiene (1711 downloads)

Pricing :

KAS Mains Material is priced at 6,500 INR + Courier Charges

Shipping Time :

It usually takes one day for us to prepare your material set and you can pick it up from our institute.

For outstation students, it usually takes a day or two for courier companies to deliver the material.

Queries / Contact Number :

If you have any queries please call us @ 9886333915


KPSC - KAS Prelims Study Material

We have 'Guided KPSC / KAS study material'  according to the new Syllabus which is available for personal use.

[** Download complete chapter-wise important points from Karnataka Economic Survey (13'-14') from here.]

In the guided series, we have the following:

  • Chapter wise notes, which you just need to study.
  • Chapter wise 'TEST SERIES' (Prelims and Mains oriented).
  • A time table that helps you prepare for KAS prelims and mains.
    • Chapter / Subject / Topic wise time table for working professionals.
    • Chapter / Subject / Topic wise time table for students who are preparing full time.
  • Revision Timetable.
  • Reference books list.

Those who are looking for KPSC / KAS (2015) study material please  purchase it online : Buy Online

You can contact us @ 9886333915 after purchase or for any other queries.

Sample Material :

  1. Current Affairs Sample PDF :  current_affairs_sample.pdf (26037 downloads)
  2. General Science Sample PDF :  General Science Sample.pdf (116458 downloads)
  3. Current Affairs / Polity Practice Questions :  current_affairs_polity_practice_questions.pdf (14441 downloads)
  4. MindMap Sample :  Election-Commission(Polity) (9449 downloads)


Get latest KPSC Current Affairs from here : KPSC Current Affairs.

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  • Ranjeet

    Where to read the material?

  • SSS

    Sr pls upload ktk economic survey gist

  • sowbhagya chethan s

    hello sir im new to dis so, pls guide me hw to read n make e important points to kas n ips sir pls help me fr me no one guider s tr my ambition s dis to get govt job so suggest me hw to read n secure tell e materials im housewife n send to my mailid sum impo pdf study doc. wt pleasur sir.

    [email protected]

  • Deekshini KG

    Hello sir,
    i would like to buy study material for KPSC prelims and the authentic authors and books name for reference. Please let me know the cost and availiability.

  • Elanga S Vijay

    KAS means ?
    KPSC means?

    • Prasanna pachu

      Karnataka Adminstrative Service [KAS]
      Karnataka Public Service Commission[KPSC]

  • Vijay S Metgud

    sir what will be the cost of all the books ( Prelims & Mains) for KAS preparation???

  • Basavaraj Hullur

    Sir can u provide history notes for KAS mains..

  • Nagaraj

    Dear Sir

    I M Nagaraj From Dharwad i want KPSC study material for C divison post like Pda and SDA and abakari so more posts… please advise to me how to getting study material and preapre ……


  • santosh

    pls upload karnatak history

  • santosh

    hi ,….sir ..plz upload karnataka history in PDF ..if you have the history book ..i will be very grateful

  • ramya s

    hello sir, i have a big infront of me tat how to prepare for dis how how how how and alll so will u plzzzzzzzzzzz


    sir i want kas previous question papers of KAS prelims for study of KAS 2016

    • Ambition IAS

      @@disqus_ICILoSu8OT:disqus we’ll find links for it and publish it soon.

      • MEERA

        thanku sir……

  • Shilpa BM

    Hi Sir pls give me the techniques for writing kas mains examination & how to manage the time in exam

  • deepa d s

    sir I want the KAS main (public administration) notes is there any possibilities to get it?

    • Ambition IAS


      Right now we cannot provide notes, however, we can put up a list of text books (most referred), that’ll be of help.

      Let us know if you need any further help regarding the same.

  • Amruta Alandkar

    hello sir..!! I am interested to buy study material of yours but only for kpsc mains.. is there any such provision bcoz i c material is comprehensive for mains n prelims.. plz let me knw asap.. thank u.. !!

  • Sidramappa Aikur


  • siddanagoud

    hai sir please give mains reference books. …

  • srividhya

    sir can you pls guide study materials in english on economics- rural development …

  • bhimappa

    Sir I want kas mains kannada madium notes with RD as a optional. Can I sir?

  • Nagaraj Raj

    Sir , I want KAS mains plus kannada literature notes . Wil u please tel me the cost of it.

  • vanishri

    Sir my score of prilims is 142.5 is there any chance to Pass? Please tell me, I’m very nervous.

  • akshatha

    sir, im GM women category , i have score of 204, do i have the chances ?
    when are you uploading mains timetable sir?

  • sana

    Sir, please provide me a book details (all papers)for mains exam for kannada medium student. your details will help me more. pls sir…

  • geetha

    For Sci nd tech part which book to be reffered sir…can u reffer hot topics to be reffered to score good marks in prelims…

  • geetha

    Sir u r economic survey notes of kar r too helpful. Is Indian economic survey impt frkas exams…for physical geography I reffered ncert 11 book is it enough or any other book to be referred sir..

  • sahana

    Sir, plz guide me to score more marks on environmental science and ecology topic. study strategy on this topic. my preparation left only on this topic. plzzzz help me

    • Ambition IAS

      Hi Sahana,

      For Environment and Ecology, 9th and 10th Std ICSE Environment and ecology books are very good.

      You can also refer our books, as we comprehensively cover everything, they are good too.

      • sahana

        thank u very much sir…. one more query? sir only 18 days left. i completed all topics once. still i was in dilemma. sir pls tel me hot topics which we should read must. plz help me..

        • Ambition IAS

          Hi Sahana,

          If you’ve finished studying everything, then revise Karnataka Economic Survey, Polity, Modern Indian History, skim through current affairs, and practice General Mental Ability.

          Do repeated revisions of the same.

          It’ll help.

          Best of Luck

  • ashwini

    frnds send me study meterial for me also plz…..

    • Ambition IAS

      Hi Ashwini,

      Contact us @9886333552

  • ashwini

    hi friends…….

  • shivayogi

    sir i want all competative exams study material

    • Ambition IAS

      Hi Shiva,

      Please contact us @ 9886333552. We can surely help you out.

  • usha

    please send the chapter/topic/subject time table for students preparing full time

  • Sharanu Sunkad

    wr i can getin full study material for KAS 2015 prelims…?

    • Ambition IAS

      Hi Sharanu,

      You can come over to our office at RPC Layout : Hariprasad’s Institute for Competitive Exams. Or alternatively you can call me at 9886333552.

  • keshav

    can you please suggest me the reference book for Indian geography and world geography and for history too??

    • Ambition IAS

      Hi Keshav,

      There are a lot of books to that can be used as reference.

      But the problem is, as of now, you have very less time to go through them all.

      You need to device a strategy that works for you and go by it.

      We have prepared materials for most of the subjects and have kept it very relevant. I strongly believe, that our material plus a well calculated strategy, which suits your need and style of study, and hard work can help you have a high chance in clearing Prelims.

      If you are particular about books, do let me know I can help you out.

      Feel free to call me on 9886333552.

      • keshav

        sir, i have already gone through the ncert books for geography,and i would like to know other than ncerts..

        • Ambition IAS

          For UPSC, that’s good enough. Revise it often and that’ll help you in recalling correctly.

          For KPSC, you may consider buying Geography of Karnataka by Ranganath

          • keshav

            okay.. thank you sir.. Everything is clear but for General Science & Tech, Environment & ecology.. what are topics cover under these area and suggest me book to cover all these topics.

  • keshav

    best book for General Science & Tech, Environment &ecology..

  • keshav

    is current affairs to be covered are only after notification or the entire 2014 year??

    • Ambition IAS

      Entire 2014 is an over kill. Important aspects of 2014, and detailed aspect from August 2014 must be sufficient.

      However, if you have enough time, do go through complete 2014 material.

      At this point, it’s better to spend the same amount of time on Polity / History / Geography, instead of studying Current Affairs in depth. You need to be aware of all the important activities, but try not to master Current Affairs, atleast not at this point in time, as exams are near by.

      • keshav

        thanku sir

  • keshav

    reference book for geography..?

    • Ambition IAS

      Are you asking for Mains / Prelims ?For Karnataka Geography: Ranganath is one of the best.

  • Priyanka M P

    Thank u sooo much…fo getting study materials

    • Ambition IAS

      No Worries. All the best. Prepare well.

  • Chikkanna

    Sir just callmadidde nimge KAS bekantha

    • Ambition IAS

      Hi Chikkanna,

      Nim payment sikkitu, will courier the material today.

  • Ramya

    Thanks for the material sir. When will you send the next set of material ?

    • Ambition IAS

      Hi Ramya,

      It will be delivered by 5th of March.

  • Raj


    What is the fees for this Guided KPSC study material., How to purchase

    • Ambition IAS

      Hi Raj,

      Are you looking for prelims material / prelims cum mains ?

      You can purchase it directly from institute, by contacting Gautam @ 9886333915.

      All the best.