World’s Oldest Weather Report Found in Egypt

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  • The genesis of weather forecasting dates back to 3,500 years, in Egypt.
  • This fact has come to light after deciphering of a 40-line inscription on a 6-foot tall calcite block in Egypt.
  • The broken pieces of the block was discovered in Thebes, now Luxor, kingdom of Ahmose.
  • The inscription on calcite block – Tempest Stela - read that the sky is faced with a storm that shows no signs of ending and sounds louder than shouting masses
  • The inscription also talks about rain and darkness. It is expected to unveil fresh information on sequel of historic incidents in ancient Middle East.
  • Nadine Moellar and Robert Ritner of University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute say the description on calcite block point to volcanic eruption at Thera (it is now the island of Santorini in Mediterranean sea)
  • Findings on inscription is likely to result in adjustment of chronology of events in ancient Near East and east Mediterranean
  • The present chronology of events has been prepared on the basis of list of pharaohs in Egypt
  • As per translation of inscription, Pharaoh Ahmose’s reign was almost around the time of Thera volcanic eruption, as against earlier perception.

Exams Perspective:

  1. Weather Forecasting during Ancient times