With APAC Under Threat, Fortinet Expands India ops

  • Silicon Valley headquartered network security provider Fortinet is scaling up its India operations, effecting a 56% increase in the technical workforce
  • Japan and Taiwan face maximum threat in the APAC region, Indian CXOs have cautioned about the growing incidences of cyber threats in the country.
  • ShellShock (a cyber virus) was responsible for 886,000 hacking attempts in the APAC region, and HeartBleed was responsible for 440,000 hacking attempts.
  • Trackercam, a cyber virus that affects webcams, was responsible for 109,000 hacking attempts in region.
  • An internal research by Fortinet shows that 93% of Indian CIOs and CTOs believe that keeping their software enterprise infrastructure protected is ‘becoming more challenging’.
  • Boar droom pressure to keep the enterprise secure has jumped almost one-third in the last 12-months, making security paramount :reads Fortinet’s India Security Survey.
  • About 79% of IT decision makers in India admitted to abandoning or delaying at least one new business initiative because of security concerns,it revealed .
  • Cyber attacks usually follow the money, in which case it’s developed countries. Now, newer economies are at risk,said Michael Xie, Fortinet’s founder.