Why Bullet Trains Can Wait In India

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  • A bullet train for India is not a priority since there are more pressing issues that the railways has to look and invest in rather than working towards a mere showpiece for the reason that many other countries have it.
  • Instead of constructing a short track for a bullet train, focus should be on strengthening the existing networks and build new ones complementing them.
  • List of problems that Railways should look into:
    • Improving cleanliness and hygiene inside trains, on platforms and alongside tracks.
    • Finishing pending projects that are draining the budget.
    • Necessity of a tatkal system.
    • Unauthorized passengers entering reserved compartments.
    • Making the railways women, elderly and disabled-friendly.
    • Provision of a handrail at every station to help passengers carrying luggage and also the porters.
    • Exclusive (even automated) counters for platform tickets.
    • Improving the general conditions of the track to make it safer and increase the general speed of the trains.
    • Effective shelter from rain throughout the station.
    • Functioning clocks in the platforms.
    • Making punctuality a priority.
  • The working Railway system has to rise far above its present standards, especially considering it has excellent resources and employs robust engineering.
  • What it requires is the will, discipline, training of personnel, a change in attitude and a sense of accountability.
  • Read at: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-features/tp-openpage/why-the-bullet-train-can-well-wait-for-now/article5997264.ece

Exams Perspective:

  1. Metro
  2. Monorail
  3. Bullet trains
  4. State of Railways in India
  5. Rail Safety
  6. Railway Reforms