What is Rashtriya e-Market Services ?

  • Rashtriya e-Market Services is a novel unified market program (UMP) launched by the Karnataka govt, and is a joint venture between it and the NCDEX Spot Exchange.
  • It will enable the smallest farmers an access to a wider market and reap the benefits from the transparent system.
  • The UMP will provide an electronic auction system across the state for transparent price determination. It will offer quality-based trading in Agricultural Produce Marketing Committees (APMCs) and online access to all APMC market functionaries. Participation would be open to all with unified market licences from the state government.
  • With this, farmers can choose to sell in any regulated or private market in the state and get timely online payments.
  • The UMP will also provide additional services, including assaying and grading, along with facilitating pledge loans to farmers.