What are some of the Application of Robotics?

  • Outer Space - Manipulative arms that are controlled by a human are used to unload the docking bay of space shuttles to launch satellites or to construct a space station
  • The Intelligent Home - Automated systems can now monitor home security, environmental conditions and energy usage. Door and windows can be opened automatically and appliances such as lighting and air conditioning can be pre programmed to activate. This assists occupants irrespective of their state of mobility.
  • Exploration - Robots can visit environments that are harmful to humans. An example is monitoring the environment inside a volcano or exploring our deepest oceans. NASA has used robotic probes for planetary exploration since the early 1960s. A robotic submarine is being deployed because it can dive to far greater depths than otherwise possible, and because it allows for highly detailed scanning and imaging of the seabed.
  • Military Robots - Airborne robot drones are used for surveillance in today's modern army. In the future automated aircraft and vehicles could be used to carry fuel and ammunition or clear minefields
  • Farms - Automated harvesters can cut and gather crops. Robotic dairies are available allowing operators to feed and milk their cows remotely.
  • The Car Industry - Robotic arms that are able to perform multiple tasks are used in the car manufacturing process. They perform tasks such as welding, cutting, lifting, sorting and bending. Similar applications but on a smaller scale are now being planned for the food processing industry in particular the trimming, cutting and processing of various meats such as fish, lamb, beef.
  • Hospitals - Under development is a robotic suit that will enable nurses to lift patients without damaging their backs. Scientists in Japan have developed a power-assisted suit which will give nurses the extra muscle they need to lift their patients - and avoid back injuries.