West using Ukraine Crisis for Regime Change: Russia

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  • Russia on Saturday accused the West of seeking regime change raising tensions over the Ukraine conflict in the worst crisis in relations since the end of the Cold War.
  • Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov spoke out against Western sanctions on Russia after US vice-president Joe Biden hinted on Friday at possible further measures over Moscow’s “unacceptable” role in the former Soviet republic.
  • Kiev’s defence minister charged on Saturday that there were 7,500 Russian troops in eastern Ukraine, although Russia denies claims that it provides military support to pro-Moscow separatists battling government forces.
  • The West is showing unambiguously that they do not want to force (Russia) to change policy.
  • They want to achieve a change of regime
  • Now public figures in Western countries are saying that it’s necessary to introduce sanctions that would destroy the economy and rouse public protests
  • In Kiev on Friday, Biden accused Russia of failing to honour a peace agreement signed in September,which included a now tattered ceasefire for eastern Ukraine.
  • So long as that continues, Russia will face rising costs, greater isolation.