‘We Lost an Independent Voice’

‘We Lost an Independent Voice’ www.ambitionias.com
  • National Statistical Commission Chairman Pronob Sen has said :In the abolition of the Planning Commission, we have lost an independent voice.
  • Pronob Sen opined: In inter-ministerial disputes, the Commission stepped in as it had both sides of the picture
  • According to Dr Sen: The Commission’s most important function was not allocations, but checks and balances.
  • Dr. Sen said the fear over empowering the Finance Ministry to take on the Commission’s role of funds allocation was that it “tends to be interested in finance and deficits, not development.
  • Dr.Sen added:  Its primary role of managing finances on a day-to-day basis does not let it take long-term views.
  • Dr. Sen opined:Other bodies could do some of the Commission’s jobs such as evaluation and project appraisals. But the basic function of the Commission was to have a system-wide view of development interventions and to match it with the stated objectives of governance.
  • He indicated that India might not be able to receive the World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA) funds if the Five-Year Plans were also scrapped.
  • After the end of the 12th Plan, from 2017, to continue receiving the IDA of $1 billion a year, India would need a new Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP)
  • In August, the Centre scrapped the 1950 Cabinet Resolution under which the Planning Commission was established.
  • On 01.01.2015 the Union Cabinet passed a resolution to replace the Planning Commission  with the NITI Aayog.