Waging A War Over Land Rights

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  • In her book of poems, Love Dreaming , aboriginal writer Ali Cobby Eckermann from Australia writes: Every grain of sand in this big red country is a pore on the skin of my family.
  • Her writing and her new book, Too Afraid to Cry reflect the alienation of the ‘Stolen generation’ of children who were selectively taken away from their families and raised by white people and also the plight of her people who are waging a war over land rights.
  • Thousands of people from indigenous communities plan to hold massive protests over land issues on Australia Day on January 26.
  •  Protests are continuing in various parts of Australia over mining uranium and minerals and even Kakadu National Park, on the UNESCO World Heritage Site is under threat.
  • In New Delhi to deliver the annual Navayana lecture, she told that a serious lack of understanding between cultures persists in Australia at a political level and with mining it has expanded.
  • Now the Western Australian government wants to use bulldozers and close 150 or 180 small aboriginal communities
  • Western Australian government says it is not sustainable to keep these communities going.
  • The sudden move, she suspects, is to do with mining and removing people from the area so that even that little bit of resistance is gone.
  • That’s the scary part but the aboriginal people will survive.
  • It’s all about land, the war is over land, she says and no one really articulates it like that.
  • She says: Western Australia is among the richest mining areas but why is not the government saying some percentage of that mining rights should go to the community.
  • Referring to the civil nuclear deal between India and Australia, she said:Please consider when you support nuclear energy in India what happens to our culture. There will be a slow erosion of human rights but we will fight for the right of our children to have rights of lands.
  • The government has given approvals for uranium mines in western Australia.
  • Hailing from South Australia, she said this was a place of ancient knowledge.