US Military Fails Nuclear Drill Exercises

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  • US Military has of late been embroiled in controversies over the incompetency and insincerity of its officers.
  • In a drill conducted to simulate an “Empty Quiver” situation, that which arises in the event of a terror strike, involving the capture of a Minuteman 3 nuclear missile silo, US military officers failed to recapture a “stolen” missile.
  • The review conducted to investigate the reason for the same attributed this to the failure to take “all lawful actions necessary to immediately regain control of nuclear weapons,” without specifying the said actions.
  • Earlier, 34 members of the Global Strike Command’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile team where suspended after having cheated in their proficiency test, prompting the US Secretary of Defense to call for a broader review of the country’s nuclear force.
  • Last year, several other officers entrusted with managing the country’s nuclear stock pile were fired for incompetence.
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