Universe Evolution Recreated in Laboratory

Universe Evolution Recreated in Laboratory www.ambitionias.com
  • The best computer model of the universe created by U.S., German and English researchers includes details never before achieved in an imitation so far.
  • This model covers 13 billion-year evolution of the universe beginning just 12 million years after the Big Bang, or creation called Illustrus
  • The Illustris creators say it represents “a significant step forward in modelling galaxy formation.” They attribute their success to advanced computer power.
  • Previous attempts have broadly reproduced the web of galaxies, but failed to create mixed populations of galaxies or predict gas and metal content.
  • Read at:  http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/universe-evolution-recreated-in-laboratory/article5987799.ece

Exams Perspective:

  1. Galaxy
  2. Supernova
  3. Life cycle of a star
  4. Big Bang Theory
  5. Illustrus