Ukraine’s Pro-Russia Protesters Demand Greater Autonomy

Ukraine's Pro-Russia Protesters Demand Greater Autonomy
  • Thousands of protesters in East Ukraine shouted pro-Russia slogans seeking more autonomy from Kiev.
  • Protesters marched through streets of Donetsk, a coal mining area of Ukraine.
  • Protesters sought a time frame for referendum on forming a ‘Donetsk Republic’ within Ukraine and release of pro Russia activists.
  • Ahead of proposed 50% hike in gas and electricity prices in May, for a $41 billion IMF bail out to Ukraine, protestors sought a roll back of hike.
  • Protestors unfurled a Russian flag atop the regional govt building.
  • Crimea referendum sparked the protests in Russians speaking pockets of east, south Ukraine.
  • Protests in Donetsk, Kharkiv, Lugansk and Odessa have been blamed on ‘agents’ of Kremlin, accused of fomenting trouble.
  • Russia backs demand for turning Ukraine into a federation to prevent its split.

Exams Perspective:

  1. Ukraine crisis
  2. Crimea Referendum
  3. Donetsk region
  4. Russian Roadmap for Ukraine