Ukraine Steps Towards Reforms

  • Ukraine has outlaid its plan for implementing the agreements of the Geneva talk to pacify the situation in its eastern provinces in the form of a constitutional reform which will:
    • Secure powers of the region
    • Abolish regional and district state administrations and allow people to elect respective council and executive committees
    • Provide special status to the Russian language in its Russian-speaking regions
    • Amnesty for the protesters if they surrender their weapons and vacate all the seized buildings.
  • The draft has been submitted to the President, and a nation-wide discussion on constitutional reforms will be conducted in October.
  • Russia stressed on Ukraine disarming the nationalist radicals in addition to the anti-government protesters and promised widest possible support towards establishing peace in the region. It also lashed out at US’s attempt to conceal the use of force against protesters by the government and regarded as completely unacceptable US’s threat to impose more sanctions.
  • Protesters, who peacefully took control of yet another city, have maintained their stand on refusing to surrender unless the government forces back down.
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