UK Unveils Tough Anti-Terror Measures to Counter Jihadis

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  • The UK government unveiled tough new measures, including a ban on insurance companies covering the cost of terrorist ransoms and stripping teenage jihadists of their passport,
  • This was taken up to counter the growing threat of terrorism.
  • The measures are the part of a new Counter Terrorism and Security Bill to be fast tracked in Parliament.
  • The government hopes firms and families will be deterred from paying ransoms if the money cannot be claimed back.
  • According to UK home office estimates, ISIS has raised 28 million pounds in the past 12 months.
  • Home Office feels there has been an element of uncertainty about whether insurers were prohibited from paying claims made by companies and families who had met ransom demands.
  • UK home secretary Theresa May said jihadists will be barred from returning for at least two years and teenage jihadists will be stripped of their passport.
  • Internet companies will be required to store details linking individuals with IP addresses, and hand them over to police when asked to assist in identifying terrorists and paedophiles.