Tracing the Ramayana Route to Sri Lanka, by Air and Rail

Ramayana Route to Sri Lanka
  • IRCTC flags off pilgrimage to trace Rama’s epic journey from Ayodhya to Nuwara Eliya, in Sri Lanka, place where his wife Sita held captive by Ravana
  • IRCTC, South Zone, Pilgrimage package includes a flight to Sri Lanka for a 5 day pilgrimage and 11 days to Ayodhya in UP by train, total distance 2,200 km.
  • This first pilgrimage has 30 pilgrims. In Sri Lanka 6 temples: Sita templ, Ravanan temple, Gayathri Peedam and Bhakta Hanuman temple etc. to be shown.
  • Train to Ayodhya to start from May 11 from Chennai Central to Allahabad, via Kasi and Ayodhya and end in Nepal.
  • ‘AC tourist train’ have pantry car, tour escorts, security, there will be 200 pilgrims on board.

Exams Perspective:

  1. IRCTC
  2. Ramayana Circuit on Rail
  3. Buddhist Circuit