Talks With Obama Likely On Reactors For Kovvada

  • The Indian government has decided in-principle to get reactors required for Mithivirdi from Westinghouse Electric Corporation and for Kovvada from GE-Hitachi for which negotiations are in progress.
  • The Kovvada nuclear plant will generate 1594x6 MW and is expected to involve an investment of Rs.1 lakh crore at the rate of Rs.10 crore per megawatt.
  • Kovvada Nuclear Park Project Director G.V. Ramesh told that the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL)¬† the project proponent ¬†would get generation III plus reactors.
  • The environment impact assessment study was already over.
  • He said a notification would be reissued according to the New Land Acquisition Act.
  • The project would need acquisition of 2,000 acres.
  • Various chapters as part of site evaluation report have already been submitted to the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board.
  • NPCIL is expecting to get all the six reactors from the US in 10 years after acquiring the site.
  • After obtaining statutory clearances from the Ministry of Environment and Forests and other agencies, a public hearing will be held.