SVEEP Comes Up With Innovative Campaigns to Create Awareness about Importance of Voting

16th Lok Sabha Polls Scheduled To Start From 7th April
  • Officials on election duty are finding innovative ways to organize Systematic Voter Education for Electoral Participation (SVEEP) campaign.
  • To create awareness about voting: painting competitions were organised.
  • School students were encouraged to participate and those who did drew posters, street scenes with the messages like believe 'I believe in democracy’,‘My opinion is important’, and ‘Please Vote and make a difference’.
  • In villages and towns they will be organizing Essay and debate competitions, street plays, jathras and rallies.
  • Officials believe the spirits behind the rights - “You don’t get votes if you are rich. Similarly, you will not be deprived of your right to vote if you are poor"should be encouraged.

Exams Perspective:

  1. Systematic Voter Education for Electoral Participation (SVEEP)
  2. ECI
  3. Awareness Building Campaigns About Voting