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3rd e-auction of Iron Ore in Goa
  • Supreme Court’s latest ruling lifts the 18-month long ban imposed on iron-ore mining in Goa.
  • This will restore the livelihood of, many Goans who were dependent on mining, truck operators and other service providers, as also increase the country’s exports and the state’s economy.
  • The reasons why the ban was earlier imposed:
    • Between 2006 and 2011, iron exports surpassed the official production numbers giving evidence of unscrupulous mining companies pushing their operations beyond legal limits.
    • Mining on restricted territories.
    • Under reporting the quality and quantity of mining.
    • Utter disregard for the environment when carrying out its operations.
    • Regulations and directives issued by the SC:
  • Prohibition of mining activities in areas which are less than a kilometre off of the boundaries of national parks and sanctuaries in Goa.
    • It has directed the State and Centre to notify eco-sensitive zones around these areas.
    • It has capped the maximum interim limit at 20 million tonnes of ore per annum.
    • States are permitted to issue fresh leases as per their own transparent formulated policies.
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