‘Super Tuesday’ Devoted to Persons with Mental Disabilities

  • In a unique move, the Karnataka government has decided to observe every Tuesday as ‘Super Tuesday’ to guarantee availability of medical treatment to mentally challenged persons in taluk hospitals, community health centres and primary health centres (PHCs)
  • In a first-of-its-kind scheme in the country, the State launched two major programmes — Manochaitanya and Manasadhara — to provide free treatment, counselling and medicines to people suffering from mental disabilities and their rehabilitation.
  • Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said here on Thursday that all psychiatrists of district hospitals must visit taluk hospitals and community and primary health centres and offer treatment and drugs to people suffering from various mental disabilities.
  • Doctors of PHCs will provide guidance to people with mental disabilities.
  • Resident doctors, postgraduate students and teaching and non-teaching staff of medical colleges would also participate in the programme.
  • Doctors of respective hospitals or health centres would be held responsible if there is dereliction of duty or non-availability of medicines, he warned.
  • Autism centre Based on a request of noted psychiatric and Karnataka State Mental Health Task Force Chairman K.A. Ashok Pai, the Chief Minister said an autism centre would be opened at Srirampura in Bangalore.
  • Under the ‘Manasadhara’ programme, rehabilitation centres in each district will provide training in skill development for people recovering from disabilities.
  • Training would be given in making of candles, baskets, pots, binding and tailoring, to ensure their economic well-being.