South African Rhinos On the Brink of Extinction

  • Increased poaching(poaching is when an animal is killed illegally for their valuable possesses like the animal’s fur, horn or ivory) of black and white rhinoceros will drastically reduce its numbers pushing these animals to the brink of extinction. This will lead to the remaining rhinos being fenced off for their protection, leaving no rhinos in the wild.
  • Rhinos are targeted for their invaluable horns which are used as traditional medicine in the form of powder in the Far East to treat ailments.
  • Poaching has to be taken as a serious crime, and better intelligence gathering, advanced equipments and manpower have to be amassed to counter increased poaching and threat to wild life.
  • South African government plans to legalise the trade in rhino horns to use the proceedings for conservation, but charging a 3 pound conservation tax from tourists is a better option.
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Exams Perspective:

  1. What is extinction?
  2. Why are African rhinos poached?
  3. What is Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)?