Sinking Sunderbans Islands no Poll Issue

Stay Sought on Construction of Delhi Police Complex on Wetlands
  • Climate change takes its toll on villagers living along a river on Ghoramara island in Sunderbans archipelago as rising sea level threatens to swallow their huts
  • People have been shifting their huts to various places over the last one year to escape submergence.
  • Island’s 3,500 voters ask political parties pointed questions on their likely action plan to save them from the imminent situation
  • Ghoramara island  located at Hooghly river’s confluence in Bay of Bengal in West Bengal, total population 5,000
  • Not only Ghoramara but also entire Sunderbans spread across Mathurapur and Joynagar constituencies bear frequent brunt of climate change and threatened
  • According to independent report by School of Oceanographic Studies 15 % of Sunderbans will go under water by 2020
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