Short Telomeres Depict Stressful Impact of Social Isolation

Short Telomeres Depict Stressful Impact of Social Isolation
  • Persons going through excessive social tension and suffering deprivation have comparatively shorter telomeres, protective caps at end of chromosomes, indicators of biological age.
  • According to scientists telomeres’ length is critical catalyst that decides biological age, as against chronological age
  • Long telomeres is a sign of healthy aging and short one signal some kind of damage that cannot be repaired
  • It is the first study of its kind that links short telomeres to stressful impact of social isolation on human beings
  • The study was conducted by a doctorate student of Vetmeduni Vienna Denise Aydinonat
  • DNA samples gathered from African grey parrots have been used for the study. These birds are very social. They are kept apart from other parrots
  • During study telomeres samples of isolated birds have been compared with pair-housed individuals to examine the impact of stress on aging

Exams Perspective:

  1. Telomere
  2. Biological Age
  3. Chronological age
  4. Socialising