She Fights Superstition, gives Women Dignity

  • The injunction continues to bring immense misery to 3 lakh women living in hundreds of Gollarahattis (hamlets of Kadu Golla, a tribal community) in Karnataka, requiring them to stay outside their houses during periods and immediately after childbirth.
  • Bringing hope to the community's women, AM Ratna, 25, a postgraduate in history and member of the community, has challenged the hoary practice.
  •  However, Ratna, who gained her family's support in her fight, has had to brave physical attacks.
  • Ratna says:I never followed such stupid practice and made sure women from my hamlet, Ammana Hatti, do not fall prey to the same. It's a long battle.Rowdies tried to attack me, but I got police support.
  • Ratna also said I questioned the priests and village leaders.Now, women support me. Many villages in Arasikere taluks are free from the practice now. But it needs to be emulated across Karnataka.
  • The Karnataka Women's Commission honoured her on Thursday during a seminar on problems and challenges before women
  • However, the battle has not been easy for other Kadu Golla women fighting against the superstition.
  •  Uma Devi, who works as a teacher in Laggere, Bengaluru, was ostracized and barred from entering 16 villages for letting a new mother enter her father's home in Thirupati village near Arasikere.
  • Uma said:My younger sister became a mother recently . She underwent a C-section procedure on October 30, and was hospitalized in Hassan. How could we have left her beneath a tree or in a school compound when she was bleeding and needed hygienic protection? I made sure she entered our home. As a result, 16 surrounding villages ostracized my family and I still get threat calls.
  • She also added:The villagers blame my parents for letting me study MEd. They think my education has spoilt me.It's a tough time for my family.
  • Uma's mother Sharadamma, too, had a tough time a couple of years ago when she suffered from uncontrolled bleeding during periods. “
  • Uma Devi said:My mother used to live outside the village during those days and imagine her plight. She finally requested the doctors to remove her uterus to put an end to the trauma,
  • Uma spoke to the state women's commission chairperson Manjula Manasa.
  • Uma devi said:The authorities have promised us support. I have been assured that the matter will be discussed with local police.