Separatist Group Behind Railway Station Attacks On China

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  • Chinese authorities have said that members of a banned terrorist group namely The East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), which is hiding out in Pakistan or Afghanistan is behind the attacks on civilians in the railway station in Urumqi.
  • Urumqi is the provincial capital of China’s western Muslim-majority Xinjiang region and the group is pushing for the independence of Xinjiang’s native Uighur ethnic group.
  • The region has often witnessed ethnic clashes between the Uighurs and the Han Chinese migrants in the region which have left hundreds dead and several others injured.
  • Authorities believe that its members are hiding out in regions close to the border with Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), but didn't explicitly blame Pakistan because of their close “all-weather” strategic ties.
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Exams Perspective:

  1. ETIM
  2. Uighurs
  3. Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK)
  4. Terrorism in China