Sensors & Drones to help BSF Enhance Surveillance

Sensors & Drones to help BSF Enhance Surveillance
  • Laser walls may soon be used to stop infiltration from Pakistan.
  • This is one solution BSF is exploring to implement more effective border checks.
  • The laser wall will ensure that anyone approaching the border or breaking the beam in an unfenced zone sets off an alarm.
  • The force is considering anti-tunnel ground sensors and ther mal sensors in the fenced stretches.
  • BSF director general DK Pathak said : We're constantly modernizing our weaponry and upgrading defences according to the new challenges facing us.
  • DK Pathak also added:We have looked at some of these technologies and have found them suitable.
  • Laser beams would form a wall in places such as the riverine parts of Jammu where fencing isn't possible.
  • The system will be connected to an alarm which would go off at any breach.So, if a terrorist infiltrates the force would be alerted.
  • At present about 15% of the Indo-Pak border and about 35% of the IndoBangla frontier is unfenced.
  • Given that terrorists often use tunnels to sneak in, BSF is acquiring seismic sensors which would be planted underground along the border.
  • These would record vibrations resulting from tunnelling and alert the control room.
  • BSF is also setting up a “smart fencing system“ where thermal sensors would be installed on fences which would alert control rooms of any living being approaching the fence.
  • The force is also acquiring unmanned aerial vehicles and other surveillance equipment to bolster its border defence.