Saturn’s moon Enceladus May Possibly Have a Sea

Saturn's moon Ecledaus possibly has a sea
  • Findings published by a professor from California Institute of Technology, puts a strong case for the presence of an ocean beneath the icy veneer of one of Saturn's moons Enceladus.
  • 2005 photographs of the Enceladus showed geysers of ice crystals projecting from its south pole making this a place with the most potential of housing life elsewhere in the Solar System.
  • Enceladus, which is just over 300 miles, is entangled in a gravitational tug of war between Saturn and another moon, Dione. This causes the bending of its outer icy layer and creates friction and heat.
  • Photographs captured of the fissures (nicknamed tiger stripes) where the geysers originate by NASAs Cassini spacecraft, measuring temperatures and identifying carbon-based organic molecules that could serve as building blocks for life.
  • Planetary scientists were however not surprised and believe this strongly confirms what has been one of the standard models.

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