Russian Roadmap to Ukraine Stability


Russia rules out intervention in Ukraine

  • Russia even though sought to shift gear diplomatically to resolve worst post-Cold War Crisis, has ruled out intervening militarily in Ukraine with no intention of moving its forces into Ukraine.
  • To stabilize the situation Putin has approached Obama to examine possible measures. Obama has asked for Russia's response to be in writing.
  • Obama suggested Russia to pull back its troops and refrain from violating Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.
  • According to Russian Foreign minister Lavrov, Russia wishes to set-right the Ukraine crisis. It demands that:
    •  Ukraine to be made into a federation
    •  commitment of not joining NATO
    •  disarming of militants who continue to stalk the streets of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.
    •  a constitutional reform to grant “broad powers” to Ukraine’s regions in economy and culture
    •  secure the rights of all minorities
    •  address concerns about  Czech, Hungarians, Germans and other ethnic groups
    •  Presidential elections in Ukraine scheduled for May 2014, should be postponed until new Constitution is been approved in a national referendum.
  • The difference between Russia and U.S. is on whether Ukraine’s Russian-speaking regions should have autonomy from the government in Kiev.
  • The Western powers while supervising the talks through contact group wants Russia to engage Ukraine in direct talks which was unacceptable as Ukrainian leaders have rejected Russia’s demand of transforming them from unitary state into a federation of autonomous regions.
  • Russia proposes a Ukraine Support Group with U.S and EU, to have a talk among Ukraine’s different political forces and regions on a new Constitution of Ukraine.

Exams Perspective:

  1. Ukraine Crisis
  2. Road to Development of Ukraine
  3. Russian Roadmap to Ukraine Stability
  4. NATO