Russia Wants Federalism in Ukraine

  • Russia is pitching for genuine constitutional reform in Ukraine so as to ensure autonomy to the regions with concentration of Russian-speaking people.
  • European countries are however reluctant to give their approval to what they see a Russian agenda in Ukraine.
  • Russia has sought a complete halt to interference in Ukraine’s domestic affairs by Europe.
  • Russian leaders say leaders in Ukraine have no desire to turn Ukraine from being a unitary into a federation state.
  • Russia raises question mark over Ukraine’s ability to protect rights of its citizens, rights and liberty of ethnic minorities and show respect for all religions.
  • Russian Parliament has blamed officials in Ukraine for alleged political upheavals and violence against pro-autonomy campaigners.
  • Russia recently took strong exception to Ukraine reported plan to take help of private forces to quell protests in Eastern and Southern Ukraine.
  • Russian authorities quoted reports stating that plans are afoot to hire Greystone Ltd militaries for the purpose.
  • According to some reports, in March this year, Greystone forces were stationed in Donetsk to combat pro-Russian movement.
  • Pantagon had earlier used services of Greystone Ltd in Iraq. But Greystone has been charged with involvement in atrocities.

Exams Perspective:

  1. Private Military Forces
  2. Ukraine Crisis
  3. Russian Roadmap for Ukraine