Russia Alleges Ukraine Of Violating Accord

Russia again blamed over Tsarnaev (Boston Marathon Bombing)
  • Russia has accused Ukraine of openly violating the Geneva agreement, and deemed acceptable Ukraine’s claim that the call of disarming and vacating seized buildings did not apply to armed neo-Nazi militants of the Right Sector, who still occupy government offices in Kiev.
  • In the wake of the death of 2 more protestors, it also alleged that Ukraine is deliberately not taking actions to control the extremists, and that the western European countries and US are turning a blind eye towards this and blaming Russia instead.
  • Accusing Ukraine of deliberately trying to unleash a civil war within, Russia said that appeals from the pro-Russian supporters in the eastern provinces may push it to act to diffuse the conditions in the eastern provinces.
  • Protesters refused to disarm unless the govt pulls back troops and paramilitary radicals and agrees to a referendum on the region’s greater autonomy.
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