Singapore Plans Centres Outside City for Migrant Workers

Reports say Singapore plans centres outside city for migrant workers
  • A rare riot in the jam packed Little India district in Singapore last year has given way to build recreation centers in suburbs.
  • Singapore government is managing the multi-million dollar centers where foreign workers congregate after the rampage by South Asian labourers.
  • These new centres will be built next to dormitories sited in industrial and is an ¬†alternative meeting for workers on their rest days.
  • Currently four such centres are there in the industrial zones and the proposed new centerw will have sports, supermarkets and internet cafes etc
  • Minister of Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin had first announced the new centres in January, in the aftermath of the Little India riot, which sharply brought into focus the way the wealthy city-state manages its nearly one million low-paid foreign workers.
  • Singapore has a total population of 5.4 million, but only 3.84 million are citizens and permanent residents.
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