Reason to Worry, Says NGO Representative

MHA Data Shows 241% Rise in Cases of Overstaying Pakistanis in 2013
  • A representative of an American green NGO, one of four whose foreign funding will be stopped unless it is cleared by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), told  that the move appeared to question democratic effort that individuals and organisations could exercise in the country.
  • He said :False allegations against activists of political subversion are becoming commonplace and that is enough reason to worry.
  • A letter the representative received dated December 10 said the MHA Foreigners Division (FCRA wing) regulates receipt of foreign contribution by NGOs to ensure that it is utilised for bonafide welfare activities, without compromising on concerns about national interest and security.
  • With a claimed membership of about 40 million worldwide, New York-based Avaaz works on several public issues
  • The Bank Information Centre (BIC) is an NGO-based in Washington that tracks World Bank and Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded projects worldwide, but has a special focus on India.
  • According to a description on BIC's website, its work involves public debate on coal and energy projects in India, as there is a complete lack of transparency and the agencies who receive these borrowings are not accountable to the people.
  • BIC was particularly critical of the Tata Mundhra 4,000 MW Ultra Mega Power Project in Gujarat, a key project for the Gujarat government.
  • New York-based NGO which works on climate-change and the California-based Sierra Club have been opposing coal imports from Australia for Indian thermal plants, including deals that were finalised during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Australia in November 2014.