Quote of the Day (26-03-2014)


“WHO, in collaboration with the Government of India, established the ‘National Polio Surveillance Project’ (NPSP) in 1997 to provide technical support in key areas of surveillance for polio and mass vaccination campaigns.  Over the years, NPSP’s role expanded to include additional areas such as routine immunisation, polio-free certification and end-game strategy. Cross-cutting areas include evidence generation, research and immunisation monitoring, programme strategy development, capacity building of government staff, accreditation of laboratories and providing timely feedback to government for action at all levels. Mass awareness was created by banners, posters, hoardings and engaging celebrities through television and radio. Newspaper advertisements in local languages also created awareness. Vaccinators were trained to enhance their interpersonal skills, so they could mobilise communities better.”                                       - WHO Southeast Asia wing, Dr Nata Menabde, WHO representative to India