Quote of the Day (16-03-2014)


“In India, last month, a new coalition — Just Net Coalition (JNC) — was formed to provide inputs. Its main arguments are: “a set of principles that should underpin the emergence of an Internet that advances human rights and social justice globally, & reconfiguration of Internet governance into a truly democratic space. These principles are based on a recognition that the Internet has become a vitally important social infrastructure that profoundly impacts our societies; & on the observation that opportunities for the many to participate in the very real benefits of the Internet, & to fully realise its enormous potential, are being thwarted by growing control of the Internet by politically, economically & socially dominant actors. Existing governance arrangements for the global Internet suffer from a lack of democracy; an absence of legitimacy, accountability and transparency; excessive corporate influence and regulatory capture; and too few opportunities for effective participation by people, especially from developing countries.”