Quote of the Day (15-05-2014)


“The revised Karnataka Solar Energy Policy – 2014-21 aims to encourage farmers to set up small solar power plants with a capacity of 1 to 3 MW on their farms. The policy provides incentives to farmers who are willing to set up solar plants on their farms. Another feature is liberalisation of norms related to purchasing farm land for non-agricultural purposes, so as to help investors buy land from farmers to set up solar power plants. All process related to land conversion would be expedited under the policy. The cost required to generate 1 MW of power is about Rs. 6 to Rs. 8 crore. The State has set a target of generating 450 MW of power this year. The policy has given industrial status to solar projects. Other features of the policy are: development of solar parks across the State; grid-tied canal corridor projects; grid-connected solar with other renewable hybrid projects; and a dedicated cell with staff drawn from the Revenue Department to be created at the KRDEL to ensure creation of land banks for development of solar projects, apart from exemption to projects from pollution control board.”