Protesters To Go Ahead With Referendum

sanctions against russia and ukraine
  • Ukraine govt said it would press on with the anti-terrorist operations to protect its regional integrity irrespective of whether or not the referendum is postponed.
  • Anti-govt protesters rejected Russia’s call to postpone the referendum from May 11. The referendum ballot question is: Do you support the act of proclamation of sovereignty for the Donetsk People’s Republic?
  • The question is deliberately ambiguous to allow a decision over the possible steps post the referendum. The options being push for independence, greater autonomy with Ukraine or unification with Russia.
  • Russia initiated large-scale military exercises, and NATO launched a 6000-strong military exercise close to Russian border, and called for permanent stationing of the military in view of Russia’s actions and military escalation in Europe.
  • US removed Russia from its list of countries whose exports receive preference, but also lifted the ban on purchase of Russian missile engines that power US Atlas 5 missiles. The ban had earlier threatened to halt launching of US military and space satellites.
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