Proposed Karnataka Lok Ayukta Will Weaken Institution

EC orders re-polling in 12 booths in State
  • Ex-Lok Ayukta Justice Santosh Hegde’s  denounced the Karnataka Lok Ayukta Bill on the grounds that it was a fraud and an attempt at debilitating the existing powers of the Lok Ayukta.
  • The Bill calls for the setting up of an institution with 9-members, which in reality is a post retirement scheme for bureaucrats.
  • It requires that the initiation of investigation of Chief Minister be endorsed by 6 of the members, while the earlier law allowed suo motu investigations.
  • It calls for the creation of State Vigilance Commission that will essentially curb the powers of the Lok Ayukta depriving it of an important function of grievance redressal.
  • Big chunks of the existing Lok Ayukta that included taking up cases of bureaucratic lapses have also been removed.
  • He urged for social boycott of corruption and said that hope lies with the youth of today.
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