Pro-russian Protesters in Eastern Ukraine Were Issued an Ultimatum

  • Ukraine has warned protesters who have seized govt buildings to either opt for a political settlement, or face use of force. It is said that armoured personnel carriers have already been sent to these regions.
  • The govt has been accused of instigating the protests by ignoring the protestors’ pleas.
  • Russia clarified that it has no intentions of using this standoff for a military intervention in Ukraine and was not entirely convinced by the US reply on deployment of American mercenaries in Ukranian region.
  • Russia is willing to participate in the meeting with Foreign Ministers of Ukraine, EU & United States on a condition that constitutional reform in Ukraine is included in the agenda.

Exams Perspective:

  1. Ukraine Crisis
  2. EU
  3. Crimean Referendum
  4. Demand for Autonomy in Ukraine