Prime Minister to Hit the Streets with a Broom Stick

Narendra Modi was the target of Patna blasts, says NIA chief
  • Mr.Modi will get on streets to clean the city and will start from Bangalore on October 2
  • He has made an announcement and has promised to make the city clean and has appealed to the entire country to get on roads to clean the streets
  • The Prime Minister demanded 100 hours of time in a year from every citizen, at the rate of two hours a week, for cleaning public places to ensure that the country is “cleaned of filth and dirt”
  • Mr.Modi has invited members of BJP in Karnataka to be a part of this on his first visit to Karnataka after becoming Prime Minister
  • He further told that “I beg you to not only free the country from garbage and littering, but also not to allow others to litter the country,” he added, and pointed out that when we go to a foreign country like Singapore or Dubai, we wonder why our country cannot be as clean as them
  • “It is not possible for anybody, including the government and the Minister, to clean the country from garbage and littering, unless the people take it upon themselves to keep the country clean”
  • He also wanted the Union government offices, including the Ministries and said a cleanliness drive will be taken up in the Central establishments from September 25, which marks the birth anniversary of Jan Sangh ideologue, Pandit Deendayal Upadhayaya, to Gandhi Jayanti on October 2
  • Along with keeping the city clean toilet facility will be provided to women and girls in schools and colleges as a part of the initiative
  • He added that “People always find it amusing that I focus on small things, but I believe that small work like this will take the country forward. I am a small man from an ordinary background. I want to dedicate the administrative opportunity given to me for the wellbeing of ordinary people.”