Pork or Nothing at French School Canteens

Pork or Nothing at French School Canteens www.ambitionias.com
  • In French towns where National Front Party (FN), anti-immigration far right outfit, has established its electoral supremacy the locals schools henceforth not to have option of meal minus pork dishes.
  • National Front Party leader Marine Le Pen rules out possibilities of providing pork-free meals to Muslims and Jewish students as an option.
  • For Muslims and Jewish their religions bar them from consuming pork. Le Pen’s statement has revived the controversial issue once again in France.
  • School canteens will no longer offer non-pork meal options in towns where France’s anti-immigration far-right National Front Party won local elections, its leader Marine Le Pen said on Friday.
  • According to Le Pen the move is aimed at saving secularism and hence religious conditions cannot be allowed to decide the school lunch menu.
  • In local polls in France recently, FN garnered 1,400 municipal seats spread across 11 towns. The victory creates a sense of discomfort among a section of French population.
  • France is dominated by Catholics. Muslims feel French establishment is trying to enforce on people belonging to religious minority.
  • Among European countries, France accounts for maximum number of Muslims. Similarly, subject of Halal meat is also one of the politically

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  2. Right Wing Politics