‘Police Role in Bringing Peace During Communal Strife is Termed Excesses’

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  • Mangaluru Police Commissioner S. Murugan said: People of the region, who are well read, should seriously think of and have a deeper discussion on why this region is communally sensitive.
  • Mr. Murugan said it is not the police who have made this region communally sensitive.
  • In an issue that turns into a communal dispute, the police handle the last part when the issue has reached a flashpoint.
  • The role of the police is very limited in handling such issues and bringing peace, which, at times, is criticised as police excesses or intelligence failure.
  • Mr. Murugan said that it was for the people to handle these issues.
  • Asked on the encounter with suspected Maoists in Eedu in Udupi in November 2003 in which he was involved, Mr. Murugan said: In hindsight, after 11 long years, I think I could have handled the situation in a better way. I do not think I did anything wrong then.
  • Mr. Murugan said that he had carried out during his tenure many works, including raising the Karnataka Industrial Security Force from scratch, which he was proud of.
  • Mr. Murugan, who was earlier Deputy Inspector-General of Karnataka Industrial Security Force, said that a proposal was pending before the State government for deploying KISF at Infosys units in Mangaluru.
  • The State government was thinking of deploying KISF personnel at the New Mangalore Port Trust and the Mangalore International Airport too.