PLO Will Renegotiate Talks With Israel

  • Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas’s statements with Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) to chart a course of action following Israel’s suspension of peace talks in response to Palestine’s deal with Hamas (considered a terrorist group by Israel and Western countries):
    • The new Hamas backed govt to be headed by him will reject violence and recognize Israel and international commitments.
    • Negotiations with Israel will be held by PLO, internationally recognised representative of the Palestinians.
    • Palestinians have recognized Israel as a state, but will never recognize it as a Jewish state. Egypt and Jordan were not required to accept Israel’s religious identity.
    • Israel must freeze settlement construction in the occupied West Bank and annexed east Jerusalem, free the prisoners and start discussing the borders of a promised Palestinian state.
  • Israel had demanded Palestine to choose between reconciling with Hamas and resuming peace talks with it, as it would not negotiate with a Hamas-backed govt.
  • Under the Wednesday agreement signed in Gaza between Hamas and PLO, Mr. Abbas would head the government which will be charged with holding parliamentary and presidential elections within six months of holding office.
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Exams Perspective:

  1. What is Hamas?
  2. What is PLO?