Parliament Must Be Held In Spirit Of Harmony: Pranab

  • President Pranab Mukherjee said Parliament must enact laws to put in place policies that address the concerns and aspirations of the people.
  • Pointing towards India’s diversity and magnitude of its problems, he said these require that Parliament must be conducted in a spirit of cooperation, harmony and purpose.
  • President said: When Parliament fails in discharging its law-making role or enacts law without discussion, it breaches the trust reposed in it by the people.
  • President further justified: This is neither good for the democracy nor for the policies anchored in those laws.
  • He said that in law-making, the easy part is the act of passing a Bill and not so easy when you do not have majority.
  • But the harder part is the negotiations for reconciling the interests of different groups for the legislation.
  • Pointing out that the policymaking in India’s context is guided by its Constitution, the President said the Directive Principles of State Policy represent affirmative instructions to provide the basis for all executive and legislative action.
  • He said that in the past decade, people have been given entitlements for right to information, limited job security in rural areas, education and food through legal guarantees.
  • Each legislative intervention has resulted in a shift in policy towards the objectives laid down in Constitution and in furthering human well-being.