Pakistan Launches Polio Drive in Tribal Belt Amid Security Fears

A New Challenge: Introducing Injectable Polio Vaccine
  • Pakistan launched a fresh polio vaccination drive in tribal belt, but nearly 370,000 children are likely to miss out because of security problems,militancy and opposition to the immunisation.
  • Violence hampered the campaign to stamp out polio in Pakistan,militant groups strongholds in tribal areas, including the Pakistani Taliban.
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a global “public health emergency” after polio cases began spreading across borders from countries including Pakistan. Pakistan’s seven tribal areas along the Afghan border are the epicentre of the country’s polio cases.
  • The government has set up:
    •  checkpoints to ensure anyone leaving the belt is immunised.
    • A three-day vaccination drive began in four tribal areas.
    • More than 620,000 youngsters on course to receive polio drops.

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