Obama’s Afghan Plan Draws Criticism

Congress Blocks Obama Wage Bill www.ambitionias.com
  • U.S. top priority is winding down the war in Afghanistan by 2015 to approximately 9,800 U.S. service members (to backstop the Afghan forces, provide training, and conduct counter terrorism missions) in country, together with NATO allies and other partners, better than ‘zero troops option’.
  • These troops would be consolidated in Kabul and on Bagram Airfield and a gradual shift of U.S. personnel to an advisory role is expected.
  • Afghans will secure their own country and U.S. will no longer patrol Afghan.
  • There are also doubts whether the U.S. was confident that the Afghans could meet the Taliban threat.
  • The announcement by U.S. may not change the strategic calculations of either Pakistan or India to any great extent.
  • New Delhi will be compelled to engage more of its resources to ensure the Taliban remains at bay .
  • The American and NATO forces will be gone by 2017 which puts a pressure on Modi government to get more involved in Afghanistan to fill the power vacuum.

Exams Perspective:

  1. Obama's Afghan Policy
  2. India Afghanistan Bilateral Relations
  3. NATO
  4. Durand Line