Obama Lauds PM Modi for WTO Deal

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  • President Barack Obama has commended the personal leadership role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in finding a path forward on the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement reached between US and India.
  • The President had extensive discussions with PM Modi on this issue and appreciates his personal leadership in finding a path forward.
  • White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement after India and US announced that the two countries have reached an agreement on TFA.
  • Earnest said the important breakthrough reached between the US and India will unlock the progress toward the full and immediate implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, which will lower costs of trade for developed and developing countries alike.
  • This breakthrough will also strengthen the multilateral trading system and give a boost to its ongoing work, including in the area of food security.
  • Earnest said this has been a good week for expanding opportunities for American businesses and workers and for promoting growth around the globe.
  • The US agreed to India's proposal on food security issues at WTO , a development that will pave the way for a breakthrough to end the three-month long stalemate.
  • The agreement came two days ahead of the G20 Summit in Australia, which will be attended by Modi and other world leaders.
  • US will support India's proposal at WTO that `peace clause', crucial for uninterrupted implementation of India's food security programme, should continue indefinitely till a permanent solution is found.