Nilgiris Sees Rare Species of Vultures

Nilgiris Sees Rare Species of Vultures
  • Long-billed vultures numbering 5 have been spotted by an NGO in Nilgiris’ north eastern slopes recently.
  • Vultures with white back were spotted in other cliffs after 2 hours of search.
  • Other 2 varieties of vultures - King & Egyptian vultures - have been spotted in Nilgiris, Moyar valley and nearby area.
  • Large population of cattle in Nilgiris and adjoining areas attract vultures.
  • There has been a demand for banning use of diclofenac based drugs to protect vultures.
  • The anti-inflammatory drug used by animals and men is said to be main reason for depleting vulture population.

Exams Perspective:

  1. Diclofenac
  2. IUCN Endangered List
  3. NGO
  4. Western Ghats