New Police Wing to Track Criminals

States to Get Funds to Modernise Police Force
  • Habitual offenders and criminals will now be on the radar of the CIW of the city police.
  • The wing will keep periodic track of their movements, whether the criminals are in prison or out on parole.
  • The wing was mooted four years ago but couldn't take off due to various reasons.
  • The CIW will be culled out from one of the many wings in the central crime branch (CCB) of the city police.
  • The CIW will function as an information hub or intelligence gathering source, as it collects information about offenders and passes it on to local police and special wings of CCB.
  • CIW is crucial because little is being done within the police set-up to keep watch over criminals, both one-time and habitual ones.
  • A lot of efforts are taken in detecting a crime, through finger prints and other technical efforts like mobile tracking.
  • Currently, there is a central crime records bureau which only collects statistics of crime happening in the city.
  • What the CIW will do is to keep track of criminals, whether they are on bail, on parole if convicted, and their visitors in prison
  • We have dossiers on several offenders in the city that are not used in curbing crimes.
  • We have a list of rowdies in the city, but we don't keep a tab on them and their activities. The main job of CIW will be to keep a periodic watch on offenders and anti-social elements.
  • The Crime Intelligence Wing could well have Captain John Anderton as its poster boy.
  • Character played by Tom Cruise in Minority Report epitomizes all that the CIW hopes to achieve prevent crime from happening.
  • The unit, which has finally taken shape, is all set to keep tabs on those with a criminal record and ensure they don't commit more crimes.
  • This should hopefully bring down the crime rate.
  • The top brass should ensure that over-zealous cops don't needlessly harass reformed criminals.
  • Anderton had the pre-cogs to help him but the CIW will have to make do with tried and trusted methods.