NATO Delays Ties with Russia

Will Crimean Adventure Lead Russia Towards Maldova
  • NATO decides to freeze bilateral cooperation (military and civilian) with Russia.
  • Currently, Ukraine is dependent on Russia for energy, and EU has promised to help them out from this situation.
  • NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen alleges Russia undermined the principles on which partnership is built, and has breached its own international commitments.
  • NATO maintain status-quo with Russia with regards to Afghanistan and drug control.
  • Political dialogue in NATO-Russia Council could continue, to exchange views, if the need of hour persists and of course during crisis
  • Ukraine army will need more effective and professional advice and also mobile training possibly with the help and cooperation of NATO
  • Ukraine crisis dominated an energy summit between European Union and the United States in Brussels on Wednesday. Need for reinforcing energy security in Europe E.U.-U.S. Energy Council felt.
  • Europe and the US work to reduce Ukraine‚Äôs reliance on Russian energy by developing alternative sources for natural gas

Exams Perspective:

  1. NATO
  2. NATO-Russia Council
  3. Ukraine crisis
  4. EU
  5. Energy Security
  6. Natural Gas