Nano Fingerprints May Help Decrease Counterfeiting

  • Newly developed invisible nano fingerprints embedded into money, gadgets and credit card will boost security by making it impossible to counterfeit these objects by making unique patterns made from tiny, randomly scattered silver nanowires.
  • This randomness increases the difficulties associated replicating these fingerprints because of their size and the high costs that will be involved in generating identical counterfeit pattern.
  • The fingerprints can be produced for as less than $1 per pattern, and the use of fluorescent dyes in the process makes them visible to the naked eye and can be visually authenticated under an optical microscope. They can also be tagged with unique ID, or bar code, to fasten searches in the database and simplify the process of authentication or counterfeit indentification.
  • These authentication processes can be automated by using an algorithm that recognizes the positions and colours of the nanowires and digitizes the information in a database.
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