Must Counter Terror With Cooperation: French Envoy

The Attack On Charlie Hebdo
  • France’s Ambassador to India Francois Richier SAYS: France will share information with India on the terror attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, as it is important to counter terrorism with cooperation.
  • Mr. Richier told : We have already shared information on this attack, although our security agencies are still trying to track the perpetrators.
  • He said the French government had been tracking the Charlie Hebdo attackers for some time, and believed they were part of a “radical group,” but not members of Islamic State (IS).
  • However, he said the “sizeable numbers” of French and European nationals going to fight in the IS was a “growing concern,” and might have proven as an “inspiration” for the attack.
  • Last week, the European Union’s counterterrorism chief had said an estimated 3,000 Europeans were now fighting in the IS
  • A video was also released by the terror group targeting France which specifically raised concerns.
  • Indian and French security officials had discussed sharing lists of those suspected to have joined the IS, although the numbers in India were estimated to be much fewer, nearly 15.
  • Asked if incidents reported in Paris, Lyon and other towns of attacks on mosques caused worries of a backlash, Mr. Richier said: It is not established yet that these incidents are related to the terrorist attack.
  • The French embassy in Delhi received condolence messages from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Pranab Mukherjee and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.
  • Mr. Richier said: This could have happened anywhere, in India, in Europe, in the U.S., so it is clearly a message of solidarity, to cooperate together against terrorism.